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Our prices reflect our organic ingredients we have delivered direct from the flour mill, our free range eggs are delivered direct from the farm weekly, we only use real butters no margarines, organic sugars, and real callebault, we like to support small independent businesses where we can

Our Signature Zesty Lemon Cake, with  Lemon Buttercream and a scrumptious Zesty Curd

Traditional Vanilla cake with a raspberry conserve and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Strawberry and Cream, a light and fluffy strawberry cake with our light and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Biscoff cake and a caramel buttercream

Caramel cake and a caramel buttercream

Chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache and  chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream

Coffee cake with coffee buttercream, we can add walnuts on request

White Chocolate sponge with raspberries and a white chocolate buttercream (this is heavier than the normal sponges due to the white chocolate content)

Light Farmhouse Fruit

Cookies and cream sponge with cookie and cream buttercream

Red Velvet cake with our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Please note recipes can change slightly from time to time dependent on whether we can get hold of the same raw ingredients to make the cakes, ie some butters taste and change the texture of cakes.


We do offer vegan cakes, our chocolate is to die for,  but please be aware they do have a premium price tag  due to the variety of expensive ingredients needed to make them.


Gluten Free and Egg Free Cakes are an extra cost too because the ingredients required to create are more expensive, this has a lot dryer texture.

Please note if your allergy is of a life threatening nature we will not take on  your order thank you for your understanding.

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