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By Appointment Only

We are a small friendly, family run business working from our beautiful home based in Surrey we started in 2010. We offer beautifully Handcrafted Quality, Luxury Cakes, for the wedding industry and general cakes.

We are an multi award winning, luxury wedding cake designer, with a real passion for anything cake, specialising in executing luxury wedding and celebration cakes, favours and toppers, where attention to detail is top priority, as well as quality ingredients.

The best way to contact us is via the form on this website, email, text, facebook and whatsapp, we rarely answer the telephone due to a high volume of nuisance calls, together with workload commitments we just don't have the time to talk on the telephone.  But contacting us by other means other than the phone we are able to send a reply as promptly as possible.  If we feel the need to talk via the telephone of course we will contact you back.

Let us take the stress out of your day and create something that your guests will talk about for years to come, we really can create that cake with the WOW factor for you.  Please note, figures are very time consuming and tricky,  we do caricatures of people we never claim to make exact replicas of people or animals, if you have any specific features you want you must say as we will be working from a flat image sent over to us which is extremely tricky.

All our cakes are freshly baked for your wedding or celebration, we do not freeze ANY cakes.  Its not just about cake we spend many hours creating your dream cake, we only use top quality organic ingredients, real butters, real chocolate and high quality sugar paste no cheap substitutes, our free range eggs are delivered weekly from a farm they couldn't be fresher.  They really do taste as great as they look.

We take our role very seriously as we strive to create a striking centre piece cake, to help make your day extra exceptional. Working exclusively on just a few commissions at a time, depending on detailing, we take extra care with all those little individual and intricate details to ensure your cake is truly unique.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a very bespoke service, with every little detail handmade.

We hold full liability insurance, are regularly inspected by the local council and consistently received a 5* rating and have passed our Food Hygiene Standards, as well as completing the yearly credit card legal requirements.

We are happy to travel to deliver the perfect cake, there is a small delivery charge to cover wear and tear, fuel and time, this will be dependent also on workloads we might not be available as we are only a small team.  Pick up is preferable due to our work schedule, currently when you receive an order form it will consist of three pages, please read carefully all our terms and conditions and ways to pay, during Covid we are asking that people do not come up to the front door but wait on our drive at the allocated collection time that is stated at the top of your order form and your cake will be boxed ready for collection from a table within our garage, we request that payment is made prior to collection where possible and cash on the day if you are unable to do this, thank you for your co-operation.

Please note we do not recommend travelling with cakes on laps, bucket seats or footwells, the best place is on a non slip mat in the boot out of radiant heat, and a nice flat service, we hold no responsibility if cakes are damaged during transit.

Our cakes generally start from £55.00 which is usually of the drippy style,  looking around our gallery you can get a real feel for our pricing, most of our cakes are bespoke prices will change slightly, it depends on the detailing more than the cake size.

People who choose Cakes by Nina appreciate they are not just buying a cake they are buying a piece of art,  a statement piece that has had many many hours of time invested in it as well as quality ingredients used.  We also appreciate you will find cheaper than us, but we can assure you we only use the best ingredients we can, and we spend lots of time of on each project we never use cheap supermarket own brands on any of our cakes, we have our organic flours delivered direct, and our free range eggs are 0.48p each which are delivered fresh weekly from a very happy hen farm, we use a gorgeous chocolate callebault truffle coating on each cake to create a smooth finish to ice with top quality icing,

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